Hilke MacIntyre



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          p101 pink garden min           p102 table with blue flowers min            p103 picnic under the tree min


       p98 drinking tea min          P97 in the dark woods min       


p92 at the sea min       p95 tea or coffee? min          p94 woman with teapot min       p93 yellow dog min


       p88 walking the dog - green min         p89 walking the dog - dark min        


p84 house amongst firtrees min        p83 red tree min         p85 blue gardens min        p82 3 sunflowers min


lp78 dunbar bay min       p79 bird and tree min         p81 first shoots min


sp74 woman in orange garden min     



p72 path through the woods min     p73 town with sun and moon min .  p69 rabbit in the woods min     p71 walking through the meadow min



p70 fox in the woods min        p68 orange butterfly min        p67 village and hills min